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This is a group to all who live in Colorado ,know someone in Colorado or have an interesting story about this great state . If your planning a vacation here in Colorado this is the site to join. Find out the latest news and happenings in Colorado,with sports,skiing,new businesses ,latest shopping news ,weather and more. Do you google,twitter,yahoo ? What do you do? Share your latest thoughts with us here. Join here in this newsgroup on newsvine to discuss the latest news in the State of Colorado

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This group is open to all who live in Colorado or whoever has been to Colorado and would like to share a story with group members. Warning; if you come here to visit you will end up living here. Share a story with the group perhaps about the Denver Broncos,Nuggets,Avalanche,skiing,Democratic Convention or anything at all about this great State.
There are many military members here in Colorado ,we would like to hear from you.